Building digital products that put clients first.

Our Design Principles

Knowing how and why we design informs what we design.


Our work is grounded in these principles:

Start with users

Watch them using tools. Chart their processes. Map their workflows. To solve the right problem, we must first study users' behavior and struggles.

Clarify complexity

Financial tools are rarely simple. But they can always be clear. With elegant craftsmanship, we create intuitive workflows that give users confidence in their actions.

Empower clients

Design is not just ornamental — it's a business differentiator. Clients will go where they feel most supported on their financial journeys.

Deliver value, not features

Pare it down. Get it out. Measure. Iterate. Sometimes, improvements to an existing design is the best product we can deliver.

Consistent, not creaky

Stick with existing patterns and components as much as possible, while constantly adapting to evolving needs. Always ask why things are the way they are and proactively seek better solutions.

A New Face for the Firm
Take a tour of the design features of Goldman Sans, a custom typeface designed for the needs of digital finance.
Creating Our Color System
Learn about the research and testing that went into creating our color palette to ensure versatility, accessibility, consistency, and scalability.

Design Thinking

Design thinking is at the heart of how we understand our clients' needs and bring creative insight to the products we build.

With all stakeholders—managers, engineers, designers, users— gathered together, we start with these questions:

  • What are our users' goals?
  • How do they achieve them now?
  • How can we improve on that?
  • What focused, meaningful product can we deliver that adds value to their experience?

We then draw from a toolset of best practices to solve the problems at hand. It might be a half-day workshop to generate ideas or full-blown design sprints (often done in less than a week). Together, we discover customer journeys and solutions before any code is developed or significant funding is required.

Our goal is a digital experience that truly does what our clients need it to do. Using these methods, teams are empowered to share and evaluate their best ideas in open, collaborative ways, leading to better outcomes for our business and our clients.

The Goldman Sachs Design System

Customized for institutional finance, the Goldman Sachs design system is built for creating rich experiences and is the source of logic for all of our digital products.

Work at Goldman Sachs

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