Ready to start? Here are the nuts and bolts to build high-performing interfaces with the Goldman Sachs Design System. 

The Goldman Sachs Design System Foundations and Components are available to the Figma Community through our UI Kits. These kits can be duplicated to your own Figma account. From there use our components directly or save the file as your own Figma Library for ongoing usage. Read more from Figma on how to use community files.

Figma Foundations UI Kit
These interlocking foundational design elements form the underpinnings of all we do. Included in this file is our color system, iconography, responsive layout grids, elevation, and spacing.
Figma Component Kit
Our collection of reusable components, guided by clear and consistent standards, can be assembled in countless variations.
Patterns UI Kit
Patterns are a collection of reusable frameworks using our components to help to solve common use cases. Layouts ready-to-use responsive layouts are built using mobile-first principles.