Our considered set of typographic styles allows you to create a visual hierarchy in designs.

Download Goldman Sachs Design Kit 1.1.0

Goldman Sachs Design Kit is easy to install and update — just run a single command from within Sketch.

Download Goldman Sans

Goldman Sans is a custom typeface designed for the needs of digital finance.

By downloading Goldman Sans, you agree to the Goldman Sachs Restricted Font License.

Display Headings

Headings used for Content based layouts such as news articles or content heavy pages and larger Marketing page layouts where typically larger fonts are needed.

Component and Layout Headings

Headings used in product based UI designs such as panels, cards, menus, etc.

Body/Base Styles

Body styles help define a base font size based on platform or density required. Size can vary across devices such as mobile, web, desktop platforms or across content such as product pages and marketing pages.

Supporting Styles

Supporting Styles and used generically and on our points of data to when showing data in grids, metrics, etc.

Text links provide a way to navigate to another section or page and can displayed as standalone items or displayed inline within a sentence or paragraph.


Text Lists

Text lists can be displayed as either unordered lists with or without graphical bullets or ordered lists using alphanumeric ordering.

Unordered Lists

Ordered Lists