Charts visualize and synthesize complex datasets and they are key elements of most applications that are built at Goldman Sachs.


The Goldman Sachs Design System offers a rich set of full-fledged components that are designed using proven visualization standards and foundations. Our Charts are built using the Highcharts library.

  1. Header
  2. Legend
  3. Plot Area
  4. Plotted Data
  5. Tooltip and Scrubber
  6. Y-axis
  7. X-axis
  8. Footer

Charts are responsive allowing them to adapt to different screen sizes and devices without loss of functionality and user interaction.


By default, charts tooltips are colored to align to the series color used in the chart. Alternately you can use the contrast or primary tooltips.


Charts automatically come with tooltips that appear when hovered on to display additional information.


For multiple-series Charts, legends can be checked, unchecked or hovered to hide or highlight data series.


Stock Charts allow the user to zoom and pan to explore the data in more detail.


Charts can be used with their default settings, but they also come with an extensive set of configuration options that can be customized to meet the design requirements of any application.

Chart elements can be hidden or reconfigured to meet the requirements of different forms of data storytelling.